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I am a wife to the (patient!) man I met while in college. We were paired up as dance partners and haven’t stopped dancing since.

Marriage is undoubtedly the sharpest tool the Lord uses to chisel and shape my husband and me - a staunch introvert joined to an exuberant extrovert - all in the grace of making us more like Him. We’ve learned the hard way that marriage is messy but it’s also a call to holiness. It is only when we fix our eyes on the Author and Perfecter of our faith that this covenant can yield God’s blessings and purpose.

I am a mama to four little women, all bursting with energy, ideas and emotions. The raising of these image bearers is a hard but worthy charge. They are the blessed sanctifying of my heart. Make no mistake - motherhood is a ministry!


The journey getting them here was one of the most difficult and refining of my life. We lost four babies along the way, but God brought it full circle when He made our family complete. Four babies in heaven, four on earth.


I rest in the hope and glory that we will be together again one day.

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